Green transition acceleration and capacity building training program

In the past four years of intensive cooperation of development project teams from the cities of Križevci (HRV), Maribor (SVN), Niš (SRB) and Skopje (MKD), we have realized that one of the main challenges that emerges when trying to initiate a transformation towards sustainability isn’t necessarily one of will, but rather of skill.
Local communities, cities, municipalities, and diverse organizations find themselves challenged by the prospect of initiating and leading a green transformation process leading them towards sustainability, climate adaptation, decarbonisation and better life and work conditions. A significant portion of this comes from the lack of capacity and experience with green (smart, creative) transformation, permeating multiple levels, including knowledge and skills, procedures and methods, organization, management and cooperation, personnel, finance, spatial possibilities and other resources.

Therefore, we have created a “Green Acceleration Programme” (GAP), a unique training offering based on the experiences and knowledge of four partners (KLIK/Križevci; SmartAp/Skopje; NTP/Niš and ZUM/Maribor) from the »Future Cities of South East Europe« project (FCSEE; 2020–2022). The aim of GAP training program is to offer robust support for initiating and accelerating different local communities’ and organisations’ efforts towards their green (smart, creative) transformation.

The foundation of the GAP-program are four modules, each based on processes and services that each city partner from the FCSEE project has developed, tested, and implemented at a local level.

The innovative aspect of the GAP program is derived from several sources. The combination of the four modules described above offers a unique capacity development programme compared to existing offerings, as it approaches green (smart, creative) transformation from several aspects and leverages stakeholders across the eco-system of green transformation. The GAP program is focused on practical and proactive capacity development or a learning through-doing approach. Part of the content of the GAP program is adapted to the needs of the participants/clients.